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Truly Great Coffee

TimeOut cafe was a passion project for a local New Milford family with a vision to create a comfortable place for the locals to refresh, rejoice, rejuvenate and recharge their batteries.


The owners recognize the hustle and bustle of this day and age and wanted to create a space for every individual to catch a breather from their busy lives.


Why TimeOut
Cafe Matters 


At TimeOut cafe, we believe in the SPF theory (not your Sunscreen) which translates to. Simple, Pure, and Fresh.

We strive to work with as many local vendors as possible and ensure that our products are as pure and fresh as they come, by getting daily deliveries and working with local bakers and chefs.


So, whether you are stopping by for a quick cup of your morning coffee or baked goods for your morning commute, need a place to catch up and enjoy a good breakfast with the locals, need a change of scenery if you are a telecommuter,  grabbing a quick bite at lunch or an afternoon pick me up, making it a dessert night. We have you covered.


Take a timeout, you deserve it.

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